Website has come a long way


So this will be my first blog post for Enygma Gaming. It has been a while since we set this site up and it has gone through a lot of changes.

Writing is not my greatest skill but where I lack in that department I make up in the web development side of things.
We now have a guild roster tool and some Diablo 3 XP Calculators

We used to have a forum but since the invention of Discord we have very little reason for people to signup and use them, since almost everything a forum can do, one can do on Discord.
We have made Discord a requirement to be part of this community because of all the valuable resources we offer there and since we also consider ourselves a voice community.
You can join our discord by clicking the link:

Going forward we will be posting more and engaging with the community!
Very soon we might even have some giveaway prizes!

Stay tuned…

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