Required Raiding Addons

Required Raiding Addons

In order to raid with our core progression team, we will require you to have the following addons installed.

Deadly Boss Mods / Big Wigs

You can install either one of these as you will not need both.

Exorsus Raid Tools

The main purpose for this addon for us is the RT Note feature. This allows us to publish raid assignments for certain mechanics and make them available for everyone to see.

Weak Auras

Weak Auras is a very complicated addon but also extremity useful in regards to raid awareness notifications and warnings. This complements DBM or Big Wigs in a more extreme case and only reserved for the most important mechanics.

To fully utilize Weak Aura’s one needs to understand how to setup triggers and actions for said mechanics and this can be very complicated.
To make this easy and extremely simple, Weak Auras has a very useful import feature that lets you import pre-created settings and let you edit them as needed.

Because of the complication of importing said weak aura’s it is important to only import from trusted sources as it can effect the security of your character.
One example is having a corrupt import to steal your gold or destroy your armor without your intervention.
That is why we have done the due diligence of researching and testing each one that is needed ahead of time.
We will also make it easy and convenient for you to download and import these settings from our website.

Decursive (Healers)

Decursive supports all classes with cleansing abilities and configures itself automatically, it works straight out of the box, no configuration is required.
Intuitive interface and detailed options, Decursive is suitable for simple usage and power users.

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