Rules & Regulations

Rules and regulations for the behavior and interactions within Enygma

Moving forward all members of Enygma are expected to follow the rules and guidelines laid out here.
Failure to do so will result consequences which will also be stated here.
These rules apply to everyone, officers and staff included.
  1. Racism, sexism, and hate speech of any kind or the disrespecting of any officers or staff members will not be tolerated PERIOD.
    During any interactions with other members of Enygma you are expected to treat them the same way you would wish to be treated.
    These are your teammates, friends, and family members.
    General toxicity and hostility will not be tolerated.
  2. All guild/clan business is to be moved through the proper channels following the proper chain of command.
    There will be no attempts to circumvent the chain of command.
  3. Discord is a requirement for the community.
    Our discord server has a lot of useful information on it.
    Players don’t have to use the voice feature but the text channels offer a wide variety of things.
  4. Any disputes between members will be mediated by an officer in the event that begins to become detrimental to the community.
    If said dispute involves an officer a leader/co-leader will step in.
  5. Members will not beg or demand handouts or help.
    Feel free to ask for help but understand that the community is here to help each other not to serve you.
    We encourage you to assist other members but cannot force you to do so.
  6. Officers are expected to maintain an active presence in the community/game they are part of or make a physical appearance every 48 hours unless special permission is given or they have requested a leave of absence.
  7. We will be following a 3 strike policy for all the rules listed above.
    1. Strike 1: A verbal and written warning will be issued
    2. Strike 2: A 3-5 suspension from all group activities and Discord. Officers may face demotion based on the offence
    3. Strike 3: Removal from the community
  8. Members who strike out will have the opportunity to appeal to the leadership board.
  9. Individuals who strike out will have the opportunity to re apply for the community after 30 days.
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